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Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Gas Power Programmer Tuner 40410
Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Gas Power Programmer Tuner 40410
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Bully Dog is the company which was established in 1998 with the main aim of improving the vehicle’s performances as well as to increase mileage. We came into existence and were highly influenced by their father’s interest in improving vehicle’s performance. In 1998, our owners introduced this concept and developed a safe and effective propane injection system to enhance diesel engine performance.
We have developed our products in such a way that it satisfies each and every user, this, varies with different types of needs, wants, and desires which can be fulfilled by the products itself. We have made these products which are flexible and allow each user to get their own desired results from amazing performance to improve fuel economy.
Our power programmer the Triple Dog GT is designed in such a manner that it proves in increasing the mileage of your diesel vehicles. With the GT power programmer drivers can tune their vehicles on the fly as well as increase their horsepower which depends on power programmer application.
We have a display and monitors that are highly advanced and technological and it shows the clear image of the performance level to the driver as well as it includes the driving coach which gives grading in their display screen to make sure about the driving criteria, as well as shows the driving habits. This is the perfect way to give the driver improved driving skills.
You can view the features on the Chevrolet Tahoe and with the power programmer’s help in increasing gas and diesel vehicles performance. Such as-

  • it adds horsepower and torque
  • improves the fuel economy and safety defueling,
  • On-the-fly power programmer level adjustment
  • includes four different power levels to choose from
  • free internet updates and upgrades and easy installation (20-40 minutes)
  • it allows you to monitor and display vehicle parameters
  • full color display with multiple color themes
  • user set daytime and night time driving modes
  • display current gear on vehicles with auto transmission
  • vehicle specific download features
  • display instant fuel economy and trip fuel economy
  • read and erase diagnostic trouble codes and defuel based on user set safety parameters.

Bully Dog’s systems are the downloader and monitor that are an all in one compact electronic device that considers all the features contained within the GT and it is amazing that the installation is as easy as plugging the unit into the OBDII port and one power wire and uploading and performing a simple download to the vehicles ECU.

Bully Dog Programmer Chevrolet Tahoe Triple Dog GT Programmer

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