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Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Gas Power Programmer Tuner 40410
Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Gas Power Programmer Tuner 40410
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People always spend money buying all the high tech designed and innovative accessories for their vehicles as well as for functionality. The question always comes up from every person, which type of accessory will give them increased mileage and performance levels. Which type of accessories will be beneficial in increasing my performances in the diesel and gas vehicles?
These questions can be answered by Bully Dog Performance Chip through their expertise and advanced accessories form bullydog which leads to increase in the performance level as well as increased fuel economy of all diesel vehicles. We are recognized and well known in the diesel industry around the world which is highly beneficial for our customers with gas or diesel vehicles.
Bully Dog offers services such as the watch dog for your engine tuning which are shown as vehicle monitoring functions. Our products are available with multiple accessories to fit into your vehicles mainly for the improvement in mileage and performances.
We have extremely developed vehicle monitoring functions for you which includes real time fuel economy, average fuel economy, trip fuel economy, loading, coolant temperature, speed manageable programmers, timings positions and many more that is required in a proper diagnosis of diesel vehicles.
The power programmer the Triple Dog GT is designed in such a manner that it has proven successful in increasing the mileage of your diesel vehicles. With these GT power programmer drivers can tune their vehicles on the fly as well as increase their horsepower which depends on power programmer application and driving habits.
We have display monitors that are highly advanced and technological and it shows the clear image of the performances level to the driver as well as it includes the driving coach that give grading in their display screen to make sure to show you all the driving criteria, as well as shows the driving habits. This is the perfect way to make the driver aware and informed what they’re doing correct and what they need to change.
You can have a look on the features of our innovative technology Infiniti QX56:

  • We offer exclusive driving coach feature to be updated all the time as well as Patent Pending,
  • Our features are beneficial in improving fuel economies, that varies from different driving styles and other variables to tuning,
  • We offer various power levels to choose from to improve the performances of vehicles,
  • We allow our customers to install these systems and tools themselves only without any requirement of an expert,
  • We offer easy and simple ways for installation which takes only 20-40 minutes,
  • Our processes offer free internet updates,
  • Monitor and display vehicle parameters,

And all the downloading features that are vehicle specific and many more which make your drive more exciting with new functions and outputs. We have started researching new types of products from intakes and exhaust systems to complement our electronic systems.
We offer wide range of components that are beneficial in improving the vehicle’s tuning, standards and efficiency levels. We are now able to offer our clients the complete packages system. We can serve you better to increase the performance level of your vehicle.

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Bully Dog Programmer Infiniti QX56 Triple Dog GT Programmer

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Gas Engine Applications
5.6L V8

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