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Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Gas Power Programmer Tuner 40410
Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Gas Power Programmer Tuner 40410
From: $499.80

We always want the assistance and support from a company which is well recognized and popular all over the world. So now people can feel relaxed and can get their wish fulfilled by Bully Dog Performance Chips and programmers with the most advanced, recognized and well known company all over the diesel industry and around the world. We are competent in providing programmers, monitors, gauges, diagnostic devices, driver coaches, parameters, functions and many other ways to make the performance levels of diesel and regular fuel vehicles.
We are well known throughout the world as well as having free shipping facilities to different states in the lower 48 US states and Canada which is most exciting thing. Our dealings are with many more states and our customers are extremely satisfied with our services and our products.
Bully Dog offers many functions and parameters to optimize your engine and is helpful in increasing the fuel economy as well as it results a higher vehicle performance level of horsepower and torque. We have many more exciting features on these which are -

  • Vehicle specific download features,
  • Engine Fan On/Off,
  • Tractor control off,
  • Improved fuel economy features,
  • Engine Tunes (Regular, Premium, Off Road Tune),
  • Display instant fuel economy and trip fuel economy,
  • Easy and convenient way of installing these parameters,
  • Loads of download features like Speedometer Calibration,
  • Display over 15 vehicle parameters,
  • Read and erase diagnostic trouble,
  • Vehicle performance testing functions.

Our power programmer the Triple Dog GT offers you four features in one pack that includes tuner, monitor, gauge as well as a driver coach that will surely allows you to set up programming between economy as well as performance levels. You can fly as well as increase your fuel mileage which will purely depend on the type of power programmer application it is installed in.
We have special features in it which includes engage lockers, engine tunes (regular tuning, premium tuning, off-road tuning), speed limiter, speed adjusting systems, fan controller systems, engage axle lockers, and many more features which will be exciting to have it in your vehicles.
Our more advanced and innovative research is Infiniti M56 with its parameters that will be playing a tremendously prominent part in the performances of the vehicle. These include all relevant and high sot after features which are extreme and a necessity to improve the mileage of the vehicle.
People who are interested in seeking our services they can contact us at 877-291-2771 and feel free to ask any query and information. You can also visit our website as an authorized dealer for more information and queries. We will be obliged to help you in any manner regarding accessories, systems and monitors of your vehicle to improve the performance, increase the fuel economy.

Bully Dog Programmer Infiniti M56 Triple Dog GT Programmer


Gas Engine Applications
5.6L V8

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