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Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Gas Power Programmer Tuner 40410
Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Gas Power Programmer Tuner 40410
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Bully Dog is a company which was established in 1998 with the main aim of improving the vehicle’s performances as well as to increase mileages. We came into existence and the founders who were highly influenced by their father’s interest in improving vehicle’s performance. In 1998, our owners introduced this concept and developed a safe and effective propane injection system to enhance diesel engine performance on farms.
We have developed our products in such a way that it satisfies each and every user who varies with different types of needs, wants, and desires which are specifically fulfilled by the product itself. We have made these products which are flexible and allow each user to get their own desired results from amazing performance and improved fuel economy.
The Triple Dog GT power programmer is an all in one; adjustable tuner, gauge, safety monitor and driving coach. The tuner feature adds power and economy mapping to the driver while driving. As a gauge it allows the user to monitor over 20 vehicle functions and parameters.
You can have a look on the features of our innovative technology for the Ford Explorer & Explorer Sport Trac:-

  • We offer exclusive driving coach feature which is updated all the time as well as Patent Pending,
  • Our features are beneficial in improving fuel economy that varies with different driving styles and other variables to tuning
  • We offer various power levels to choose from to improve the performances of vehicles,
  • We allow our customers to install these systems themselves without any help of an expert,
  • We offer easy and simple ways for installation which takes only 20-40 minutes,
  • Our processes offer free internet updates,
  • Monitor and display vehicle parameters,

All downloading features that are vehicle specific and many more which make you excited throughout your driving. Experience with exciting new functions and outputs. We have started researching new types of products from intakes and exhaust systems to complement our electronic systems.
Bully Dog offers wide range of products and monitoring functions which will be a pleasure for you to install on your vehicle and will be informing you about detailed information about your vehicle’s functioning, programming as well as with improved mileages.
Visit our website to get more info on the of variety of products to make your ride more interesting and more profitable.

Bully Dog Programmer

5.4L - Discontinued

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