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Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Platinum Diesel Power Programmer | Downloader | Tuner 40420
Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Platinum Diesel Power Programmer | Downloader | Tuner 40420
From: $449.00

Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Programmer Diesel comes pre programmed from bully dog to balance horsepower, torque and fuel mileage. Just by changing some key functions of the program, you can maximize the horsepower and torque output for serious performance. Whether you're towing a boat or racing at the track, a diesel performance chip will give you the power you need.

The Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Diesel Programmer also provides realtime feedback to help users improve their power and fuel economy by using a patent pending Driving Coach feature designed by our top power programmer engineers. The Driving Coach feature shows the driver specifically where their wasted energy and inefficiencies are coming from so they can make adjustments to their power programmer and correct their driving habits.

Bully Dog Triple Dog GT Diesel Features:

  • Added horsepower and torque
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Safety Defueling
  • On-the-fly power programmer level adjustment
  • Four different power levels to choose from
  • Economy/Tow Tune 50 HP, Performance Tune 75 HP or Extreme Tune 100+ HP
  • Easy installation (20-40 minutes)
  • Free internet updates and upgrades
  • Monitor and display vehicle parameters (PIDs)
  • Full Color display with multiple color themes
  • User set daytime and nightime driving modes
  • Display current gear on vehicles with auto trans.
  • Vehicle specific download features
  • Initiate DPF burnoff on ‘09 GM and Dodge diesel
  • Defuel based on user set safety parameters
  • Read and Erase Diagnostic Trouble Codes
  • Display instant fuel economy and trip fuel economy
  • Adjust tire size for OEM speedometer on select vehicles
  • Exclusive Driving Coach feature, Patent Pending
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